Retreat Experience

A creative meditation session.

The Inner Peace, Inner Power Retreat will allow you some quality time to focus on your spiritual life, away from the demands of your day-to-day existence.  The program has been designed to help you explore and experience meditation and further understand the teachings of Raja Yoga with the aim of integrating it into your life and experiencing personal benefit.

To carry you on this soul journey, we have brought together teachers and life time yogis with up to 70 years experience.  They are individuals who have realised there is a deeper purpose to life; who have understood that by sharing time and experiences freely, there is an immense reward of joy and happiness.

Morning exercises – fresh air and sunshine on top of the mountain!

Everyone working at BKWSU does so voluntarily.  They are your spiritual family, adding their fragrance and expertise to making BKWSU Headquarters a miraculously functional and holistic working community.