About the retreat



To survive and thrive in this turbulent world we need peace and power.  Not just the peace that is absence of a few worries, and not power that is political or used to control others.  This is inner peace and power;  the type that makes one steadfast in the face of challenge; the peace and power that comes from a deep inner contentment.

Time for solitude and contemplation

Perhaps the greatest need of our time is to return occasionally to solitude and silence, away from our continuous activities as human doings, to see what it is like to be a human being.  This is also a journey away from outer distractions towards the tranquility and peace which lies at the core of our being.

One method that people have been using for thousand of years to cultivate their inner light is the practice of retreating; withdrawing for some time from worldly activities and responsibilities.  Often seeking places of natural beauty, the retreater aims to restore harmony within the soul through reflection, meditation, contemplation, and also harmony in the body through fresh air, exercise and healthy nourishing food.  Once equilibrium is restored, the individual is then ready to return to their life’s role with deeper insight, clarity, renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Entertainment Time

This retreat provides a sublime blend of walks in nature, silence and meditation, stimulating seminars and conversation, entertainment and exercises aimed to help relax the body, free the mind, and ignite your inner spirit.