General Information

General Information

You will find the following information in this page:

  • Retreat arrivals
  • Retreat language medium and translation
  • Retreat meals
  • Retreat accommodation
  • Retreat fees

Retreat arrivals

The first session of the retreat starts at 5pm on 14th October and ends at 9:00am on 20th October 2018.  We shall forward further information about arrival details to you upon acceptance of your registration.

Retreat language medium and translation

Translation is available.

This retreat is mostly conducted in English, or Hindi with English translation.  It is essential that everyone brings their own FM radio (your mobile phone may have an FM radio feature).  Translation is available into the following languages:  Arabic / Persian / Mandarin / Cantonese / Vietnamese / Thai / Indonesia.

Retreat meals

At the dinning area

All meals are simple and vegetarian in nature; conducive to a yogi mind-set. They are prepared by experienced chefs who also happen to be meditators .  We ensure that you are provided with nourishment on every level.  We will try to help you with any special dietary requirements, however please discuss these in advance with your country co-ordinator to ensure that your needs can be met.

Retreat accommodation

Garden view of Gyan Sarovar

The accommodation at Gyan Sarovar is simple and clean.  All the rooms are shared accommodation with two or three single beds.  If you wish to share with a particular person / people, you may indicate this on the registration form.

Retreat Costs

Entrance to Academy of Better World, Mount Abu, Rajasthan

We believe that spiritual knowledge can only be shared and not sold, and therefore all of our lectures, workshops and seminars at this retreat and around the world are always offered free of charge as a service to the community. As our guests, all of your meals are also complimentary.

However, costs for running the retreat are inevitably incurred for administration, retreat centre overheads, and accommodation, and we therefore accept voluntary contributions.  All of our centres including the retreat centre, run on voluntary donations, and funds go directly towards ensuring that others can also benefit from these events in the future, so your contributions are important to us.  If you would like any further information regarding contributions, speak to your country co-ordinator.

Other Costs

Please note that transport from your own country to Ahmedabad Airport is at your own cost, and there will be a minimal charge for the coach which will be arranged to take you from Ahmedabad to the retreat place. Should you prefer to travel from Ahmedabad to Madhuban by taxi please ask and we can advise you of an approximate cost.